My Zojirushi Breadmaker

I am one of the few people privileged to have learned the art of baking fine bread at a relatively young age. Growing up, baking was not as easy as it is today. However, we managed to pull off baking great quality bread with the limited resource we had. The process was time consuming and very tiring; nothing like what it is today.
These days, with a good bread maker, anyone can make a good home made loaf of bread. Until now, everything I knew about Zojirushi breadmakers was from the tonnes of Zojirushi breadmaker review articles on the internet.
I recently acquired one Zojirushi breadmaker for myself and I must admit, it does give my hard earned bread making skills and experience a run for money. It proved to be a truly versatile breadmaker that can make anything from home made strawberry jam, meatloaf and even chocolate cake. It easily bakes bread weighing up to 2 pounds.

I have always heard people say how easy it is to use breadmakers. I had never imagined just how easy it could get till I tried it out. With the Zojirushi breadmaker, it is possible to fill you home with the aroma of freshly baked bread every day. The bread maker lets you bake like a season chef letting you dictate even the color of the crust by choosing between light, medium and dark.

This amazing breadmaker does everything for you, including kneading any type of dough. Its Twin rotating blades will knead everything including the heavier rye and whole wheat flour. I realized that it could bake cakes of different sizes although the standard size is approximated to be 9-5/8 by 17 by 12-1/5.

It comes supplied with a handy measuring cup, and a spoon to ensure all ingredients are added in the right proportion. It also has a viewing window to help you monitor the baking cycle. Its removable non-stick bread pan makes it very easy to clean.

I have always been a little skeptical when it comes to the use of technical gadgets; I usually find them very hard to operate. The Zojirushi Breadmaker is exceptionally different. I found the instruction manual very helpful. Its user friendly control panel, wide screen and up to 10 programmable settings are so easy to use anyone can figure it out. You can also have fun experimenting with new recipes.

If you have never baked anything in your life and think it’s too late to learn, then this is the bread maker for you.

Toasting the Right Way

If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet reliable toaster oven, then you need to check out the Black and Decker TO1332SBD, because it is one cheap and highly dependable machine! This Black and Decker toaster oven has all the useful features of a normal oven, such as bake, broil, and toast settings, however, this one has a curved interior feature, giving the oven more depth and more room to work with. It will hold up to four slices of bread and even an entire nine inch pizza. Unlike many inefficient toaster ovens on the market, this particular one has an optimized heat distribution feature, which bakes and toasts foods evenly, 30% more evenly than competitor companies!
Black and Decker TO1332SBD
This product is a great purchase, and customers have nothing but excellent things to say about it. It provides amazing convenience and also quick cooking times, perfect to use with leftovers or reheating foods, rather than torching them in the microwave. The Black and Decker also includes a crumb tray at the bottom, which can be removed with no problem, and easily cleaned off with a soft towel. This toaster oven, aside from its depth and large capacity for use, is also a small and lightweight machine, and can easily fit into tight spaces in the kitchen, rather than taking up counter space.

The only cons to take note of when purchasing the Black and Decker TO1332SBD, is that the plug size is bulky and big. Along with being a three prong, the plug tends to stick out of the wall, taking up space between the counter and toaster. Also, users have reported that this toaster oven burns toast and bagels easily, however with a powerful machine like this, you will want to check on food regularly, due to its super quick cook times. Other than these minor annoyances, this oven works like a pro, sometimes even being the number one choice as opposed to a normal conventional oven.

When you spend your money on something, you want it to be reliable and dependable. With the Black and Decker TO1332SBD, you simply cannot go wrong. It is incredibly cheap and useful, with the same features and specs of other top and wrongfully expensive toaster ovens, and actually doing a better job at toasting and baking! With enough room to fit a nine inch pizza, and just the right amount of heat evenly distributed, this product is an unbeatable choice and has won the hearts of many.

Trying out the Wusthof Classic Ikon Knives

I think it’s just a sad fact of life for anybody who likes to spend a little bit of time in the kitchen that you are eventually going to have to replace your kitchen knives. No matter how reliable they may be and how much they suit your personal cooking style, blades will eventually dull to the point where they can no longer be maintained or sharpened and new knives will become the order of the day.
classic ikon
It’s a situation I’ve found myself in recently and it raised an interesting dilemma. Do I just get a new set of the same knives I’ve been using or do I take a risk on a new brand. On one hand I know and love the knives I had been using, so getting the same again would feel like slipping into a comfortable pair of shoes. On the other hand though, I may be missing out on even better knives by sticking with what I know.

In the end, I couldn’t help myself and I decided to take the risk and try something new. I took to the web and did a little bit of research on the top knife brands and the name Wusthof kept appearing as a brand to watch out for. I noted it down and checked out a Wusthof Classic Ikon knives review or two, where I found that praise for the knives was almost universal.

So…I bought them. All I can say is that every opinion that I read about these knives is absolutely correct. I swear I’ve never had such an easy time of chopping up my veg, particularly my tomatoes which always seemed to end up a little bit crushed with my old knife. Consider me a Wusthof convert because I am so glad that I decided to head outside of my comfort zone and try something new.